Scott Livingston

Scott Livingston is a man of middle years living in the very heart of America. Formerly occupied as a systems electrician, he has assumed the role of a semi-retired writer of short-story fiction with hopes to publish that unique piece of prose, widely received as ‘influential’.

Stories by Scott Livingston

The Morning After

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

The grating sound of shrill beeping shattered the silence, reverberating off the corrugated metal walls of the narrow, dimly lit room. He awoke with a start, fumbling with the buttons of his Diver’s Timex. “Six-thirty,” he groaned. “Time to start a new era.” The weary man ran fingers through his hair as he gazed at the sleeping …

New Word to the Pa-Ayello

Illustrated by Stephanie Matos

Frigid winds howled across a surface of deerskin pelts stretched taught over skeletons of wooden rods, providing shelter for the people huddled within. The eastward migration of the Pa-ayello had come to a standstill as monumental sheets of ice and snow blocked their passage. Even the great orb that was their guide made its appearance only …