Sandy Hoffman

Sandy (AIDY) Hoffman is the television, movie and game review writer of the AIDY Reviews website. Avid supporter of indie film and indie artist. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment and Transmedia storytelling from Full Sail University.

Stories by Sandy Hoffman

Keeping Up Appearances

Illustrated by Sherri Oliver

The summer I went to live with my aunt was the first and last time I’d see my mother cry. My mother never really spoke much when I was a child. She possessed an absolute and regal gait about her. I would watch as she would grace about the house in her robe and long …


Illustrated by Grace Gao

I was nothing before I met Tim. Tim had shyness about him that you wouldn’t expect from someone so tall. I would see him in the halls at school, never minding all the girls gawking at his good looks. To me, he was pretty average looking, but had the most wonderful smile. I always wondered …

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