Sandra Crook

Sandra Crook writes fiction, non-fiction and occasional poetry. When not cruising the French waterways with her husband in their dutch barge, she fosters rescue dogs at her home in Cambridgeshire, UK. Links to her published work can be found at her blog, where she will also take the opportunity to remove your will to live with her photographs and cruising reports.

Stories by Sandra Crook

A Not So Distressed Damsel

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

“It’s not my turn.” “Look, Josie, Louella’s gone missing, and you were next in line, anyhow.” “But it’s not fair. I wasn’t due until next spring.” “Someone has to do it, and that someone’s you, Josie, so quit arguing and go get the robe on.” Josie flounced off, flushed at the injustice of it all. Louella should have warned …

Jessica and the Rabbit

Illustrated by Jordan Wester

Mum sipped her white wine, pushing the pile of scattered petals idly this way and that, as she ignored Aunt Heather’s exasperated sigh. “Well what’s it for?” she said, twisting her head to examine the collage that Aunt Heather was busy constructing, pushing single petals into a soft clay base which was setting in a wooden …

Smack Head

Illustrated by Mark Reihill

It dropped from the sky, hitting the ground only yards away. Who knew that a body could make so much noise impacting with the pavement? I tried to scream but no sound emerged, and I was seemingly frozen to the spot. People kept bumping into me from behind, before walking on unperturbed, some of them adjusting …

Ménage á Trois

Illustrated by Rosa Middleton

“Martin’s always been impulsive,” she says, as if this is a natural progression of our conversation. It’s not. I glance at her, taking in the purple polyester trousers and baby-pink jumper hanging stiffly from her narrow shoulders. It’s hand-knitted, seemingly possessing a mind of its own. Her narrow lips are set in a newly-stitched operation scar, …

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