Sandra Arnold

Sandra Arnold is a New Zealand novelist, short story and non-fiction writer with a PhD in Creative Writing. Her work has won several literary awards and has been widely published and anthologised.

Stories by Sandra Arnold

Child’s Play

Illustrated by Lakshmy Mathur

They scaled the tree, settled themselves on the highest branch and took their apples out of their pockets. From up here Janey could see the river flashing with sunlight and little silver fish, the dairy cows behind the fence and beyond that, a farmer on his tractor. The woods were bursting with bee buzz, bird …

Kassidy’s Roof

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

From Kassidy’s roof we can see right over the golden domes and green and blue minarets, pink apartment blocks and new shopping malls, all the way down to the sea, which lies as flat and polished as a sheet of turquoise glass. “Try this bread,” says Kassidy. “It’s that new bakery. The manager was a student …