Rudy Ravindra

Rudy Ravindra attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop (Summer 2012). His fiction has been published in Yellow Mama and The Story Shack. His work has been accepted for publication in Enhance, Southern Cross Review and Bewildering Stories. He lives with his wife in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Stories by Rudy Ravindra

The Kama Sutra Aficionado

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Once he completed his engineering degree, like many of his peers, Deepak prepared to go to America for graduate studies. His parents felt that if they let Deepak go to U.S.A. all by himself, he might be lured into a dangerous liaison by a beef-eating Christian girl. So they began the search for a suitable …

The Muhurtham

Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

Nagesh Kumar had diabetes ever since he was a little boy, and his parents did their best to deal with a difficult situation. In spite of this problem, Nagesh turned out to be a good-looking fellow, albeit a little frail, with a head full of dark curly hair. He was by no means a ruggedly …

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