Roy Dorman

Roy Dorman is retired from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Benefits Office and has been a voracious reader for over 60 years. At the prompting of an old high school friend, himself a retired English teacher, Roy is now a voracious writer. He has had flash fiction and poetry published in Black Petals, Yellow Mama, Drunk Monkeys, The Story Shack, Theme of Absence, Near To the Knuckle, Cease Cows, One Sentence Poems, Spelk, Shotgun Honey, and a number of other online and print journals. Roy is currently the submissions editor at Yahara Prairie Lights.

Stories by Roy Dorman

The EMTs

Illustrated by Joey To

“It’s out there again,” Steven Alderson said to himself. Steven was looking out his picture window at the ambulance that was once again parked down the block from his house. “It’s like they’re waiting for something to happen to me so they can come to the rescue.” It was 7:00 on Wednesday morning. Steven had first noticed the …

Not Afraid of the Dark

Illustrated by Kim Peterson

For most, the absence of light can sometimes be a scary proposition. However, the absence of darkness where one expects to see darkness can also be disconcerting. Though still a bit groggy from sleep, Jim Trumbell came to a quick and complete stop in the hallway of his apartment when he saw light shining out from …

It Was Frogs

Illustrated by Chinedu Onochie

“Hey!” Everyone stopped talking at once. Just a second ago there had been five or six different highly animated, drink induced conversations competing with each other to be heard, and if possible, to be understood. Now: Silence. The party’s host, Bill Stafford, knew that going through with this party had been a bad idea. He should …

Hold Me Close

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Tom had pulled over onto a shoulder that was a bit wider than most places and had gotten out of the car. He walked across the highway and stopped at the edge of the other shoulder as if to admire the view. He was looking out across the steep ravine, easily a hundred foot drop …

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