Ronald Van Hall

As a child, Van Hall fell asleep many nights surrounded by such works as A Fall of Moondust. The October Country, and Tunnel in the Sky.

Today, Van Hall enjoys early mornings and sipping coffee while he strokes a keyboard to spin tales of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
Should one desire to read additional fiction by Van Hall, a few of his tales have appeared in Deimos eZine, Stinkwaves, Dark Edifice, and Flashes in the Dark.

Stories by Ronald Van Hall

Nobody Will Believe Anything Manny Says

Illustrated by Delilah Buckle

Sagt elected to exist during the low-photon period and within an inexact corner of the adolescent, female’s sleep chamber. It would be many eons before this bipedal species developed NAD-particle devices to understand bundled energy levels and thereby discover the rich multiverse all around them. Sagt occupied this time period to mentally archive yesterday’s assessments while …