Ron Singer

Satire by Ron Singer ( has appeared in publications including The Brooklyn Rail, defenestration, diagram, Evergreen Review, Fiction Week Literary Review, The Higgs-Weldon, The Journal of Microliterature, Mad Hatter’s Review, and Word Riot. His eighth book, Uhuru Revisited: Interviews with Pro-Democracy Leaders (Africa World Press/Red Sea Press) was issued February 1st, 2015 and is now available at about a hundred college and university libraries.

Stories by Ron Singer

The Quiet Section

Illustrated by Allen Forrest

From: loyal fan Subject: The Quiet Section Date: April 1, 2015. 9:47:18 a.m. To: Management Dear Management, With the season about to start, I read in the paper that you are planning to establish a “quiet section.” Great idea, but … The last time I was at the ballpark was Old Timers’ Day, 1987. My daughter, eight, was …

Footnotes Only!

Illustrated by Allen Forrest

The plight of the book business is my delight! This is because of an expedient to which publishers are increasingly driven: instead of printing footnotes, they post them on websites, free of charge. The author of a recent study of the Nixon-Reagan nexus, for example, has posted the notes on his own site. He claims …

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