Robert Paul Blumenstein

Robert Paul Blumenstein has published three stories with Story Shack. “I have enjoyed the creative collaboration working with the very talented illustrators that Martin has assigned to my stories. It’s been a most exciting highlight of my writing career.” Robert makes his home in Midlothian, Virginia.

Stories by Robert Paul Blumenstein

Stockholm Shadow

Illustrated by Izzy Wingham

My captor from time to time reaches down and strokes my forehead, my cheek, with what seems to be a loving touch, filled with compassion, as though he cares; he all too quickly withdraws that same hand and calls an assistant over to tend to a perfunctory duty: my bathing, my feeding, my excrement needs. …

The Tired Doctor

Illustrated by Cara Lynch

He thumbed through the pages of the calendar, looking ahead. It was a special edition that contained five years. He wasn’t sure which date in the future it was where he planned to stop. It was with utter resentment that he even held the thing in his hand. Again, where would he stop? At some …

Christ in the Desert

Illustrated by Terri Kelleher

— For Dr. Andrew Parker, evolutionary biologist. Not a creature on Earth can imagine the environment I inhabit. It is unlikely that any of you could survive the daily rigors of my existence: Temperatures reach three digits on the thermometer every day, a cloudless sky filled with scorching sunlight, grains of sand seem to glow like …