Rich Luongo

Rich Luongo has more than 40 years as a writer, primarily as a journalist and editor. He’s also had short stories published and is working on a novel.

Stories by Rich Luongo

The Pick of the Stand

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Sid Darin — mid-sixties, short and fat, with the perception and cunning of someone who’d spent his whole life as a huckster — was having the best season in twenty-five years at the shore. Thanks to the record heat the cash box at Sid’s Fortune Wheel was overflowing with sucker money. For a quarter you’d …

Love of God

Illustrated by Grace Gao

Ernie Virgilio was a very obedient boy. He listened to his mother and father. He cleaned his room, made his bed, ate his vegetables, did his homework, and treated his parents with respect. He loved them very much. But more importantly, he was faithful to his God and went to Mass every Sunday. He was a …