Rebekka Boyer Bishop

A life-long Iowan, Rebekka Boyer Bishop finds inspiration in the fields and hills around her home.

She has been writing, more or less, since grade school, where she first penned the epic ‘And the Days Were Dark as Night’ (in crayon, no less) a riveting story about the Pilgrims and the Mayflower, having written numerous other short stories and several novels.

History is one of Rebekka’s passions, and she is particularly fascinated with American History from the Civil War through Prohibition and the Depression.

Stories by Rebekka Boyer Bishop


Illustrated by Pam Casey

The valley was old when the rains fell. The waters cut through the soil and the soft sandstone, and the stream was born. Deer and foxes and coyotes and quail lived in the valley. The red man came to hunt them, leaving no trace in their wake. Then the white man came. They took the stones from …

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