Phil Temples

Phil Temples lives in Watertown, Massachusetts, and works as a computer systems administrator at a university. He has had over 115 works of short fiction published in print and online journals.

Blue Mustang Press recently published Phil’s full-length murder-mystery novel, “The Winship Affair.” He has two books due out this year: a paranormal-horror novel, “Helltown Chronicles” by Eternal Press, and a short story anthology by Big Table Publishing, “Machine Feelings.”

Find Phil on his website.

Stories by Phil Temples

Helping Hand

Illustrated by Tanvi Chunekar

It was a hot, summer day. The bag of groceries in her hands weighed her down. Even so, the old woman stopped to cast an observing glance in both directions. The self-defense class she had taken recently recommended that senior citizens should try and be more aware of their surroundings—especially of the persons who were …

One of Us

Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

Mommy, mommy! Puppy! I want puppy. PUUUh-pee! It’s one of Ida’s first recollections as a small child. She’s also reliving in vivid detail the experiences of her first love affair. But now, some not-so-pleasant memories are encroaching. Memories of death and destruction. Memories she can’t quite place. Did this really happen? She doesn’t mind reliving the childhood memories, …

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