Phil Rossi

Phil Rossi is a fiction writer from northern New Jersey, right outside New York City. You can find him at or on Twitter @Phil_Rossi.

Stories by Phil Rossi

Mind Freak

Illustrated by Allen Forrest

Once Brendan turned to face the armored patrol, a spotlight shone from the bridge of a crow’s nest. The rays blinded him as the microwaves screamed and shocked, sailing Brendan to the pavement. While the caravan idled at the curb, Brendan remained blacked-out on the sidewalk. A team in riot gear emerged with a gurney and …

Space Hunt

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Adam fell from the stars and descended on Dora, tilting the ship towards the hostile terrain of the planet’s outback. Space travel had become a booming industry, as Adam jumped in with his own tour business and a cabin full of passengers. Recently added to the League of Planets, Dora was a playground for the uber …

The Great Bandini

Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

Space travel was a rich man’s game and astronauts didn’t come from our side of the tracks. That’s why my friends and I never missed a Bandini rocket launch. Main events full of fanfare and hope that one of us would beat the odds and reach outer space. Instead, Bandini’s rockets would implode on the pad …

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