Pamela Ramos Langley

Pamela Ramos Langley relishes narratives that bash the ideal against the real (or vice versa). She spends her days tap-tapping on her laptop in a distant exurb half way between Los Angeles and San Diego, combining memory and imagination with such vigor that her ‘e’ key recently flew off. She’s had fiction, flash fiction and creative non-fiction works published in M Review Magazine, River Poets Journal, Drunk Monkeys, The Writing Disorder and Hippocampus (1/14). She is the new-old fiction editor at Drunk Monkeys, hosts a blog over at, and her flash fiction ‘An Unhappy Mother’ was nominated for Best of the Net 2012.

Stories by Pamela Ramos Langley

Replacement Turtles

Illustrated by Terri Kelleher

Young Lilly was a straight standing, chin out-thrust, full-faced smiling sort of kid. She had a way with fashioning effects and tallied an impressive track record of positive outcomes resulting from her capabilities. For instance, when she lost the petite shoes off her favored Barbie, she had only to focus on where she’d been that …

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