Monique Kovac

Monique Kovac is a recent high school graduate with a passion for writing and loads of ambition. She hopes to be an author some day, fingers crossed.

Stories by Monique Kovac

Marriage after a really, very long time

Illustrated by Lakshmy Mathur

Sometimes it was easier to pretend not to notice. When she’d dye her hair, when she’d get it cut, when she’d get a new outfit — with money we shouldn’t be spending, mind you. She would walk in after a day out in town and huff and sigh and pace in front of me as …

No Woman’s Land

Illustrated by Lakshmy Mathur

An eerie fog settled over a small town in Mississippi. A young woman was walking her dog, a family was eating breakfast, and birds whistled in tree tops. Clara Pots sat alone in her one bedroom apartment with the blinds closed and deadbolt locked. Her eyes were trained on the old, yellow rotary phone which, …

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