Monique Kovac

Monique Kovac is a recent high school graduate with a passion for writing and loads of ambition. She hopes to be an author some day, fingers crossed.

Short stories by Monique Kovac

Illustration for Monique Kovac's 'Marriage after a really, very long time' by Lakshmy Mathur

Marriage after a really, very long time

Sometimes it was easier to pretend not to notice. When she’d dye her hair, when she’d get it cut, when she’d get a new outfit — with money we shouldn’t be spending, mind you. She woul…


Monique Kovac | Read flash fiction 'No Woman's Land' Illustration by Lakshmy Mathur

No Woman's Land

An eerie fog settled over a small town in Mississippi. A young woman was walking her dog, a family was eating breakfast, and birds whistled in tree tops. Clara Pots sat alone in her one bedroom apa…