Mike MacConnell

Mike is a new father and has been married for four years this October. He loves writing; he’s been doing it ever since he could hold a pencil. Not only that, he is becoming a master at juggling being a husband, a dad, a writer and an employee!

Stories by Mike MacConnell

Foot Steps

Illustrated by Pam Casey

Hall adjusted his coat as the icy wind wrapped around him. His contact was late. The clock on the tower a couple blocks away just finished its eleventh chime. He looked down the street on either side, peering into the slowly growing twilight down Baker Street. Hall checked his pocket, feeling the reassuring weight of …

Tomato Soup

Illustrated by Myfanwy Kinder

The strange object revealed on the deep water camera had the whole room aghast. No one could place it. No one could even fathom it. The research team looked at the ghostly image of the mysterious shape. Some murmured that it looked like a building foundation. Some whispered that it was simply a blur. But …

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