Micah Lally

Micah Lally is a student at Full Sail University studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She received the Creative Minds Scholarship for her short story submission to the school. Her flash piece, Family Business, was published by Fiction on the Web. Micah writes whenever she is not doing anything else. During the winter months, she spends a great deal of time getting lost in other authors’ worlds, eating from an endless supply of popcorn, and screaming at characters in video games. On nice days, she can be found outside at the beach, in a park, or horseback riding.

Stories by Micah Lally

Simple Holidays

Illustrated by Izzy Wingham

Kale peeked past the cracked door and grinned at the rise and fall of his mother’s breathing. His little feet bounced while he waited, his hand gripped tight on the door handle. He glanced at the hall clock once again, waiting for the second hand to complete its circle. Three. Two. One. “Mom! It’s eight o’clock. Christmas …

Changing Tactics

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Every gear in the truck’s engine moaned as it pulled the vehicle down the narrow lane. Hilary checked her side mirror again, still uneasy about how close she had to ride against the side of the road, as it quickly declined into a low stream. Tumbling down wouldn’t do much to the truck, its red …