Melanie Boeckmann

Melanie Boeckmann writes both flash fiction and longer-form short stories. Her recent work is and will be published in Smashed Cat, Sleet Magazine and HOOT Review.

Stories by Melanie Boeckmann

Banana Slugs

Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

Along the coastal trail Benjamin never hesitates or second guesses. The smell of cat piss precedes the signs: “Watch out! Cougars!” I shudder. I was raised on deer and rolled up hedgehogs. Benjamin barely slips. “Keep close,” I whisper behind him, so that he won’t hear. We tumble over pebbles in the sand. “Watch your …

Mr. Fox

Illustrated by Terri Kelleher

At the gas station, Clyde grabs a six pack of sausages. “Are you for real, man?” Malachi is fed up by now. He prides himself on being a good-natured and patient companion, but Clyde’s aberrant and impulse-led behavior causes him to doubt his mental health. “I need protein,” Clyde defends himself and pays for the …