Matthew Morris

Matthew David Morris, born in Scotland 1989, only recently discovered his passion for writing poems and shorts. As a musician and songwriter he found himself increasingly aware of the fun to be had whilst writing lyrics and that it wasn’t only words for music he enjoyed composing. He spent his last year living in Berlin, Germany where he wrote a number of his poems but in fact ‘The Secret School Prize’ was written in an old apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania where he spent some weeks visiting his partner whilst on her work placement. Matthew now lives back in his home town as to spend more time with his loved ones whilst dealing with the loss of his father.

Stories by Matthew Morris

The Secret School Prize

Illustrated by Sherri Oliver

It was twenty minutes into the lesson and Mrs Miller was sat at the front of the class, perched upon her old, creaky wooden desk. Her long, lifeless hair ran down her face as she read aloud an excerpt from ‘Of Mice And Men’. So far it was a perfect situation to let my thoughts wander, …