Martin Dean Dupalo

Martin Dean Dupalo is a public policy analyst and community advocate who lectures and writes about ethics, public policy and occasionally, non-fiction short stories. Martin has penned four other short, non-fiction stories (‘If Only Someone Had Cared A Little More’, ‘A Daily Adventure: Walking Home from School’, ‘A Kid Walks into a Bar, Well that was 25 Years Ago’, and ‘Apartment Razing Stirs Memories of An Averted Tragedy’). A Harry S. Truman Congressional scholar and National Point of Light recipient, he is currently writing a biography about his parents inspiring fight for survival against the odds, tentatively titled ‘Fortunate to Serve.’

Martin can be contacted via Facebook, LinkedIn, or via e-mail at

Stories by Martin Dean Dupalo

The Briefcase

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

Each year he tried to surprise his wife for her birthday with something meaningful, something she would treasure for a long time. That was easier said than done. With Christmas around the corner, followed quickly by their anniversary three weeks later, and then Valentine’s Day, it was certainly a challenge. Now, after all of that, …

If Only Someone Had Cared a Little More

Illustrated by Grace Gao

It was the day before a new president was to take office. For many, excitement and hope was swelling. For others, another day of survival and nothing more. It was late Monday, dinner time for most. The man wandered into the restaurant hungry. No different than most except that he was homeless. No one had …

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