Mark McHugh

Mark McHugh is a journalism student at Temple University in Philadelphia whose deepest passion is writing. He hopes to write for a living, one way or another.

Stories by Mark McHugh

The Last Night

Illustrated by Alberta Torres

I promised her I’d stay by her side until she fell asleep. We talked through the night, her exuberant, high-pitched voice never waning. A few times, her little eyelids would flutter and I’d gently caress her cheek with my index finger and they’d flit right back open as if taken by a soft breeze, and her …


Illustrated by James Brown

At first, she was on the swing. A golden summer evening in late June, the descending sun glowing behind white puffs of clouds. I sat on the swing next to her and we talked, the normal get-to-know-each-other stuff. She liked biology, science, math. I liked English, writing, reading. We both loved basketball. She was engaging …

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