Louise Charles

Louise Charles writes fiction in the short and long form and everything in between. She self published her first novel in March 2014 and her second in December 2015.

Stories by Louise Charles

Baby Doll

Illustrated by Joey To

Faye followed the rivulets of rain down the window pane. “It’s so dark,” she murmured cradling her swollen belly. A flash of lightning lit up the room and James’s silhouette loomed over her. “It’s a short storm,” he said. “Won’t last long. Look, what I found lurking in that locked cupboard we uncovered.” Faye studied the doll, …

Mad Hattie

Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

Courtney stood outside the shop and stamped her feet. A crumpled newspaper, caught up in the icy wind wrapped itself around her ankles. She peeled it off and read the headline about some old boat that sank one hundred years ago. Boring. She screwed it up and threw it into the gutter. Keeping her finger …

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