Laurence Sullivan

A Writers’ Centre Norwich ‘Commended Writer’, Laurence Sullivan has been published online, in magazines like The Legendary, Kishboo, Thick Jam and Drunk Monkeys, as well as in anthologies published by Amelia’s Magazine/House, Darker Times Fiction, Sampad and the British Council. He became inspired to start writing during his university studies, after being saturated in all forms of literature from across the globe and enjoying every moment of it.

Stories by Laurence Sullivan

The Red Rose

Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

H.M.S Honour emblazoned across the bow — a siren’s call to any covetous pirate. Victory against a foe like that would entail a tale to regale any adventurous ear with, enough rum to fuel a crew for months, and the possibility of a glut of gold to sail away with. A rose may be beautiful, …

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