Laura Beasley

Laura Beasley, the Mother who Tells Stories, lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA with her husband and their whippet, Audrey. She rides a grey horse named Amos.

Stories by Laura Beasley

The Daughter of the Gold-Rich King

Illustrated by Terri Kelleher

This is the story of the daughter of the Gold-Rich King who created the Kingdom of Apples where no one is hungry or poor or cries themselves to sleep. The daughter of the Gold-Rich King stepped on the public road. She was leaving the Golden Castle for the first time. Golden bracelets hung from her …

The Improper Princess

Illustrated by Myriam Chery

Servants raised three daughters of a widowed king and provided for every whim. The eldest princess grew to be as kind, caring and charitable as her mother. When she was fourteen, she wanted to live in a convent. The middle princess became as regal, royal and respectful as her grandmother. She married the prince of …