Kim Farleigh

Kim has worked for aid agencies in three conflicts: Kosovo, Iraq and Palestine. He takes risks to get the experience required for writing. He likes fine wine, art, photography and bullfighting, which probably explains why this Australian lives in Madrid; although he wouldn’t say no to living in a French château. 135 of his stories have been accepted by 83 different magazines.

Stories by Kim Farleigh

How Wars Begin

Illustrated by Allen Forrest

Victor’s back was against the sofa’s backrest, his feet flat on the floor, his knees bent, his hands on his lap, the epitome of well-educated patience, his mother’s eyes stunned with pride: Victor usually didn’t show mature enthusiasm. Had his attitude changed? The teacher knew this was impossible. But the mother dreamed. The teacher’s indifference towards Victor …

School Days

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Silence fell like a veil of intrigue across the playing field that half the school was standing on as the bully, Nat Santage, and the powerful Dave Biedel were seen striding down a bank that bordered the field, Biedel’s brooding, black eyes facing a target whose mouth opened in shocked expectation, ethics irrelevant against our …

Conscience As Wide As Hell

Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

I heard swerrrackkk; then white light, roaring orange flash. I remember the chopper’s wop wop wop, the desert flashing below. The pain, aching up through my right leg, flowed into my stomach, like sickly fluid flowing into a cesspool. Then cushioning morphine’s timeless bubble, detached self floating inside a floating chopper. I woke up in hospital. …

The Mystery of the Wantom Flippsbury-Brown Nutcracker Hare

Illustrated by Michael Ilkiw

In the late nineteenth century, the well-to-do village of Slapbutox-on-Hynde was keen to enhance its image as a thriving community in which well being and prosperity were to be linked to nature and the aesthetic. Fluffy animals in abundant greenery, it was believed, gave a village that look of freshness and charm that is necessary …


Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Ludwig Tomato-Scissors entered the fire station’s open door, attracted by a uniform seen hanging from a hook on a pillar behind where fire trucks were parked. That uniform radiated magnetism against those big, red trucks. Putting it on, greatness beset him. Sparkling with confidence, he faced some firemen and screamed: “Unfurl the main hoses. Refill the …

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