Keith Beard

Keith Beard studied English at Auburn University and taught high school English for six years. He lives in Alabaster, AL with his wife Maria, his newborn son Jackson, and his dog Holly, and he is currently focusing on playing music and writing fiction.

Stories by Keith Beard

A Travelling Salesman

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

“Gather ‘round! Gather ‘round!” The horde of country folk huddled together as the salesman circled them. He goaded them with outstretched arms and flashed a smile that exposed missing teeth though one had been filled with gold. He wore a faded linen suit that was a filthy contrast to his stark white top hat. “Git ta wheres …

King of the Mountain

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

They rolled down the hill over and over again, making whoa sounds until they halted in thick plush grass still wet from the morning. Mary Ann giggled and kicked her feet in the air like a turned over turtle while Oscar laid on his stomach panting. At the top of the hill was Jerry dancing …

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