Julian Aidan

Julian Aidan is an American freelance writer based in Berlin, Germany. Artistically, Julian strives to achieve a desired reader response by combining clear intention with clever word selection. Although challenged by the 21 century attention span, Julian’s ultimate goal is to increase literary enjoyment by strengthening the visceral connection between the writer and the reader. Passionate in the art of language, Julian pulls from her degree in psychology to better understand the complexes of human perception and contribute to a higher demand in written entertainment.

Stories by Julian Aidan


Illustrated by Jordan Wester

“What you’ve said is fucking insulting.” “It’s the truth. What you do with you life, is your choice…but once it starts to affect me…once your life (she made a circling motion with her hand around his frame) starts to hurt mine (her hand now circling her), I must attack it. I have to defend myself…” While she …

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