Joshua L. Boutell

Joshua Boutell, while talented in many aspects of life including but not limited to, a semi professional music career, a professional Roller Derby Ref, and the director of a charity Haunted House for twelve years, is still a writer in the making. While he has successfully made a career in the tech industry, his passion lies in storytelling, and he currently spends any time available with his new wife, or writing. Provided that time isn’t already occupied by another of his numerous hobbies.

Stories by Joshua L. Boutell

No Fury

Illustrated by Hannah Nolan

Ryan stood in the hotel room, listening to the water trickle past in the stream behind the building. They hadn’t shut the sliding glass door. He shuffled his feet, and he stared out at his mother and the stranger in the blue suit. He bit his lip, watching the man rest his two button suit …