Jon Beight

Jon Beight lives and works in Western New York. He would rather fly fish or ride his Harley than do chores. He has been published in Red Fez, Feathertale, Apocrypha and Abstractions, Spilling Ink Review, and other fine publications.

Stories by Jon Beight

Song for a 51 Year Old Bar Fly

Illustrated by Nevena Katalina

It’s one-thirty in the morning on Barrett Avenue. Void of any signs of life and shrouded in a quiet fog, there could be no lonelier place on earth. There are three bars within my view and all of them seem to want it kept secret they are open. I opt for the nearest one and walk …

Reggie and the Pre-Afterlife Waiting Room

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

Reggie, who was obsessed with self-improvement, died yesterday. He had been reading a self-help magazine while walking on a mountain trail and was so absorbed in an article he stepped off the trail and into space. The newspaper account said he fell three hundred feet to the creek at the bottom of the ravine. When he …

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