Joel David Neff

Joel is a writer, photographer, and teacher living in rural Japan.

Stories by Joel David Neff

Getting It Right

Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

“Hey Buddy. Welcome back. Don’t pull that out, we’ll get it out for you in a minute. I know it sucks but just stay with me here, ok? “Where to begin? Look, I know it’s got to be a shock waking up to see your own face looking back at you, but, well, it’s better than …

The Option

Illustrated by Joe Zabel

“Let me explain: you died, or rather, you will die, tonight, April 24th, of a heart attack in your sleep. But, if you accept our offer, you wake up again here ready to go to work and be productive.” “What happens if I go back to sleep?” The stranger shrugged. “You die.” “And then?” “Honestly? I have no idea. …

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