Joe Kilgore

Joe Kilgore currently lives and writes in Austin, Texas where he shares a home with his wife Claudia, an accomplished artist, his French Bulldog, Jezebel, and three particularly inscrutable cats.

Stories by Joe Kilgore

The Wager

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

Sure, I’d heard of idiots doing this before, but you hear lots of crazy things in this world. That doesn’t mean you do them too. God, if I didn’t need the money so desperately, I would have just walked away. But he was such a loudmouth. Such a braying jackass. Wanted to show how macho …


Illustrated by Mike S. Young

The moon was round and pale as a communion wafer, but it had no absolution to offer. It simply continued to backlight the black outline of the mountains that stared down on the man who had been gazing at them for the past hour. Periods of reflection were not uncommon for Simon . Though this …

Incident On A Windswept Hill

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

There are twelve rifles. Eleven contain a live round. A blank cartridge is in one. You have no way of knowing which resides in the weapon you are given. No one volunteers. You are chosen at random from members of your company. You receive no explanation of what the condemned has done. You are summarily informed that …

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