Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller has spent over two decades in Asia as a university lecturer and writer. Originally from LaSalle, Illinois, he relocated to South Korea in 1990 where he nurtured a love for spicy Korean food, Buddhist temples, and East Asian History. He is the author of eight books including War Remains, and The Panama Affair. Jeffrey lives in Daejeon, South Korea with his wife and four children. If he’s not working, writing, or reading, he’s usually chasing little kids around his home.

Stories by Jeffrey Miller

Killing Geckos

Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

Kun-hee woke up screaming; a jingjok — a tiny, cute reptilian creature, part of the gecko family — had fallen from the ceiling and landed on her face. “Get it off me!” she screamed. “Kill it!” “We’re not supposed to kill them,” I said, trying to calm her down as best I could. “It’s unlucky. I read …