Jeff Dupuis

Jeff Dupuis writes poetry and short fiction, and reviews non-fiction and how-to books. His work has been published in Bare Hands Poetry Journal, The Acta Victoriana, Blood Lotus Journal, Rolling Thunder Quarterly, blogTO and the Healthy Ninja. In his off-hours Jeff likes to train in the martial arts, or if nothing else, watch straight-to-DVD martial arts movies. Jeff Dupuis lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Stories by Jeff Dupuis

The Last Tequila Stinger

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Maybe we expected the sun to rise from the west, or the north or the south. Anything seemed possible. A male cardinal’s song, his proclamation of territory and of his own sexual fitness, dominated the early morning. Brian and I were drinking, as there was little else to do, and we tried not to think …

The Finest Print Money can Buy

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

The camera, the one built into the street light, sees you. By the time you step over that crack and the blackened circle that was once chewing gum cemented to the concrete, it’ll know who you are. Facial recognition software measures the distance between your eyes, gauging the specific shade of brown; it’s identified that …

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