Jeff Burt

Jeff Burt lives in Santa Cruz County, California, where the Birdman lives.

Stories by Jeff Burt

Postcard for Arizona

Illustrated by Kristy Lankford

Cori stepped into the desert in the winter in Arizona. It was her last day of vacation and everything appeared dead. As she passed a saguaro cactus, she noticed the right spoke pointed toward the earth. She heard a snicker and turned back. The right spoke now pointed skyward. She passed an armadillo. “A large version of …

He Eats Sparrows

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

He eats sparrows. He positions himself between the wall to the mobile home park and the hawthorns and stays quiet, motionless. Then his hand goes from thigh to knee, rises from his jeans, and snatches. He’ll eat three or four, says there’s not much meat on a sparrow but after the feathers and the beak, …