Janette Crawford

Janette Crawford currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She loves to explore other countries and has lived in India, Hong Kong and Singapore all of which provide great inspiration for her writing. She is a published author whose short stories have appeared in anthologies and on line.

Stories by Janette Crawford

A Wonderland of Books

Illustrated by Myriam Chery

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is something special about an old, leather bound book. They are rarely found alone but stand row upon row shelf upon shelf often encased in glass in a large room. Their shiny leather covers and spines are embossed with gold letters muted only by traces of fingers that …

Time in the Park

Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

He looked like a small Chinese Buddha, seated as he was, in a pagoda-style pavilion in the park. Everything about him was round — his shiny, bald head, cheeks like apples and chubby fingers that rested over a bulbous stomach, which if he had been a statue, people would have rubbed until it shone for …

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