Jane Wells

J.I. Wells is an author of fiction, an award-winning screenwriter, and owner of Wells Done! Editing. She is working on a sequel to her critically-acclaimed novel ‘The Blue Messiah’s Scribe’, and finishing up an historical novel, ‘Providence in the Fall of a Sparrow’ and a YA novel ‘Roundabout’.

Stories by Jane Wells


Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

The orthopedist just told me if I want the knee to quit giving me a fit, absolutely no yoga, Zumba, or hiking for three months, it’s enough already, I should grow up, act my age, forget about trying to be like my teen-age daughter, what’s next, he asks me, a stud in my nose and …

Art Is The Child

Illustrated by Sherri Oliver

Lucky enough to find a temporary production assignment, I was on the set when Richard texted me. His mother Naomi had just flown in from the east and wanted to know if she could see us both the following afternoon. Over tea and sandwiches at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Naomi, small, round …

A Song for Sweetie

Illustrated by Stephanie Matos

It was a delightful October afternoon. From the chimneys in the village came the pleasant smell of wood smoke that filled the crisp autumn air. Sunlight poured through the treetops bathing the entire park in a lemony glow. Sweetie the tan and white Bulldog was practicing his dance routine near the stone angel fountain when, …