James Osborne

James Osborne is the award-winning author of more than 60 short stories and two suspense/thriller novels. His fiction, creative non-fiction and humorous short stories have won regional and international awards, and have been published in a number of popular anthologies.

Stories by James Osborne

The Halloween Outhouse Caper

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

The family men in our remote farm community hated Halloween. That was the time of year when local teenagers would sneak out at night and topple neighborhood outhouses. They thought it was funny. But pranks like that meant we had to wait, sometimes under great pressure, you understand, for our fathers to set the outhouses …

The Brownies Episode

Illustrated by Kristy Lankford

As a teenager, my usual pattern was to bike home from school for a quick supper and then ride my bike on to work. But one day a delicious distraction lured me into deep trouble. ‘Wow! Look at that,’ I thought as I walked through the kitchen door. ‘Brownies!’ My favorite treat was brownies and milk. Like most …

The Sleepover

Illustrated by Lakshmy Mathur

Their parents agreed one weekend that Tommy could sleep over at his friend Nick’s house. They were seven. It would be their first sleepover, and their last. Nick’s mother was a warm, kind-hearted soul who spoke little English. No need.The smiles that danced in her sparkling blue-green eyes spoke volumes. She and Nick’s Dad had emigrated …

Mary’s Birthday

Illustrated by Kristy Lankford

“I hate this,” Don Stone said. “Particularly today.” He was in hospital and it was a special day: Mary’s birthday. Don’s trips to hospital had become more frequent. Congestive heart failure does that. When Mary was not at the hospital with him, she was home awaiting his calls. His wife of more than 50 years didn’t like …

Making Lemonade

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

“What’re ya doing, Grandpa?” four-year-old Denise asked, skipping happily into her grandparents’ kitchen. “Making my special lemonade for our company,” Alan replied, turning from the counter to greet his tiny granddaughter. “They’ll be here soon. Wanna help, sweetheart?” “Yes!” Denise said. She pulled a kitchen chair over to the counter and scrambled up, ready for another fun …

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