Jacqueline Bridges

Jacqueline Bridges works as a guidance counselor to junior high students, where she puts her Masters degree to work, and then some. She is new to flash fiction and reads it daily (even in the counseling office). Her students join her weekly for a writing club, and many of them have an affinity for science fiction as well. She has one publication with Touch Poetry to-date.

Stories by Jacqueline Bridges

Android Adoption Day

Illustrated by Michael Ilkiw

SWF seeking SM, 40-50, human or android. Looks not important. The blinking type flooded John’s inbox. Delete, delete, del—he paused on the last: Android adoption today, new shipment, Middleton Square. The Organization of GoodWill toward Men, Women, Children, and Android caught him as he slipped in. “Have you considered adopting an Android, sir?” John stopped, paying no attention to …

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