Iulian Ionescu

Iulian Ionescu was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Finance. He moved to the US in 2001, and became a CPA (oh, the excitement!). Despite his career choice, Iulian’s creative side kept him awake at night. Iulian Ionescu is an aspiring sci/fi and fantasy writer. He published more than a dozen short stories in various markets and is currently working on two novels. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and son, and he is also the Editor-in-Chief of Fantasy Scroll Magazine.

Stories by Iulian Ionescu

Those Eyes

Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

Frank Waltz was an old man. He was old seven years ago when he had his first heart attack, he was old yesterday when a bathroom trip took thirty five minutes, and he felt a whole lot older today. He didn’t mind being old, save for the fact that the older he got the less …