George Sparling

George Sparling lives in Northern California, on the north coast. He moved here from NYC and got old. He’s reading The Complete Short Stories by J.G. Ballard.

Stories by George Sparling

The Blinds

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

After work, ever since he recently bought the house, Mercer always sat in front of the window at evening twilight, viewing the passing neighborhood scene through Venetian blinds. The former tenants left the blinds behind. Mercer hadn’t wanted passersby to think he spied on them or was voyeuristic. Mercer called what happened special effects when …

The Eye Sees More

Illustrated by Joe Zabel

Rage burned like homicide inside me. Those drivers had death coming to them. They were part of the surveillance machine. I pantomimed with my four-pronged cane, and pretended it was a high-powered rifle, like a sniper’s rifle in WWII Stalingrad. A medalled sharpshooter who lived to tell war stories. Since I took anti-psychotic and anti-depressant …

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