Falconhead’s work has appeared in Nazar Look, Night Train Magazine, The Rock River Review, Still Point Arts, Antiphon, FictionWeek Literary Review, The Red Line, The Corner Club Press, Naugatuck River Review, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, Wilde Magazine, Poetry Potion, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Thick Jam, Meat for Tea, Poetica Magazine, Camas: The Nature of The West, Thin Air Magazine, Huesoloco Journal, Glitterwolf, Whistling Fire, Two Hawks Quarterly, Rock & Sling, Adanna Literary Journal, Deltona Howl, and Green Wind Press’s “Words Fly Away” Anthology and KY’s “Getting Old” Anthology, among others, and is forthcoming in several more publications.

For his poem “Man-Made God or Poem In Which The Hypochondriac Gets His Way” Emerge Literary Journal awarded him “runner-up” in their 2014 poetry contest.

You can follow Falconhead on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Falconheadpens

Stories by Falconhead

The Light From Within Grows Dim

Illustrated by Michael Ilkiw

She wore the starched, ungainly uniform unabashedly, unconsciously — as though she had worn it the whole of her life. She wore the pale maroon uniform and became a part in the monochromatic décor of the place itself. Traversing from table to table, she wiped at the seemingly ineradicable grime with a dampened rag, collecting …