Eric White

Eric White is a published flash fiction writer. He is the creator and writer for the pre-production animated series V is for Villainy. White is currently a student at Full Sail University.

Stories by Eric White

A Cloud on the Prairie

Illustrated by Joey To

Jonathan surveyed the vast prairie from his saddle. The sky was blue and clear, and a single lonely cloud floated overhead. It was the type of cloud content in its isolation, happy to sit still on the prairie unless the wind beckoned it otherwise. Farther off, a thin trail of gray smoke twirled upwards toward …

The Beast Lord

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

The broad shouldered Viking sat slumped against a cliff side on a snow-covered mountain. He was clad in war torn leather armor that was ripped and burned from a recent battle. A war hammer was strapped across his back, and an axe hung from his hip. No less than four arrows were still stuck where …

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