Elizabeth Reed

Elizabeth Reed is recent grad from Stockton University in New Jersey. She began writing in middle school to get down the worlds and characters in her head for others to enjoy. Most days she can be found sipping iced coffee while typing away with her dog Autumn laying next to her.

Stories by Elizabeth Reed

The Crow King of The Junkyard

Illustrated by Joey To

We lived in the junkyard after the world ended. The town had emptied, save a few of us who escaped the final judgment. There had been talk among everyone about the Crow King who ruled this junkyard and kept everyone scared straight. I don’t know how someone who was never seen could inspire such fear, …

Fowl Luck

Illustrated by Cait Maloney

Marco sat on the park bench and threw bread to all the ducks who waddled by. He got a rush out of silently betting on which duck would make it to the bread first, and it was always the giant white one who didn’t seem to look much like a duck at all, but it …