Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook is an economist who enjoys good food and tea, and games of squash and Dungeons and Dragons. Most of her interests are inherited from her father, who is an English and Latin teacher. Although she will pursue an MA in economics she would much prefer to hole up in her room and write.

Stories by Elizabeth Cook

Everything in One Room

Illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

The whole world is in this room, and pieces of the universe too. A sample of this, a section of that, all compressed and made manageable for eyes that see in the third dimension (or the fourth, depending on your reasoning). I have at my fingertips a collage of continents and centuries. Life in its …

The Continental Ladies’ Academy

Illustrated by Jordan Wester

Since Lavender left, the school has not been the same. It was unseasonably warm last week, and though we had noticed her restlessness we were quite shocked when she walked into the classroom without her many layers of undergarments and petticoats, of satin and lace. She wore (now infamous) leather breeches and a linen shirt which …

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