Edward G. Gauthier

Edward G. Gauthier has been twice accepted into the Ernest Gaines Fiction Writing Workshop at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette and is a fellow of the National Writing Project of Acadiana. He has published short fiction and poetry in the book Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times, in the anthology, Louisiana In Words and in the online literary journal, absintherevival.net. Edward has also written articles for the National Writing Project newsletter, The Voice, and for the Morning Advocate newspaper of Baton Rouge. He is also a residency fellow at Writer’s Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Stories by Edward G. Gauthier

Dream Wheel

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

Soldier I awoke, sat up and realized that the circular platform I was on was floating high above mountains and under a high cloud. I had no idea how I got there and I don’t know how it just hovered there like that. Two others were there already, Utina and Paul. They immediately wanted to …

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