Doug Hawley

Doug Hawley is a little old man who lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon with editor Sharon and cat Kitzhaber. He was once a mathematician and actuary and now is a volunteer and a hobby writer. You can find Doug on his website

Stories by Doug Hawley


Illustrated by Michael Paul

The odd creature came to my door at ten PM last night. He was a little over five feet tall, colored a light blue with a bald dome. I say he, but I wasn’t really sure because “he” had no obvious male muscular development, but didn’t have any hips to speak of either. Somehow he …


Illustrated by Daniele Murtas

I ignored emails from my brother-in-law Ed. They were all variations on “Get right with God or go to hell”. I-Don’t-Care-Ism suited me just fine as a belief, but then for several days in a row I read articles like “People of faith have better relationships”, “Religious people have more success and money” and “New …