Doreen Diorio

Doreen Diorio is an author, teacher, and artist who drew so much as a child that she likes to say she was born with a pencil in her hand. She also feels a deep connection to books and libraries that is deeply rooted in her childhood. Doreen has taught art to children for twenty-six years and co-founded a group for children’s authors where she lives in the Hudson Valley of New York. Her writings for children have been published in Short Stories for Kids, Schooldays, Mouse Prose, K12Academics, Hot Chalks Lesson Page, Rainbow Rumpus, Artsonia, Kinderarts, Pack-O-Fun’s Art Smarts feature, and in PARENTGUIDE News. Her illustrations have appeared in Crow Toes Quarterly, Berry Blue Haiku, Guardian Angel Kids, Short Stories for Kids, and Storytime.

Stories by Doreen Diorio

A Butterfly’s Gift

Illustrated by Terri Kelleher

Mei gazed out of the living room window. Lots of cars zoomed past her apartment building, but Mei was only looking for one little yellow car—Aunt Fay’s. Mei’s mother handed her a paper bag and said, “I packed you an apple in case you get hungry on the way.” “Thanks, Mom,” Mei said, but she couldn’t think …