Diane Teichman

Diane plays a little poker, but she never won a house. Yet she does survive the Texas heat in Houston where she works as a foreign language court interpreter and translator. (The latter probably explains the former.) Now nurturing a collection of short fiction, she is published in nonfiction and has been a series acquisitions editor for the UK publisher, Multilingual Matters. She nudges other writers along at White Oak Writers, a critique group she formed in 2007.

Stories by Diane Teichman


Illustrated by Sue Pownall

The air was as heavy and as hot as the chugging machine I pushed in front of me. My eyes stung from the sweat that dripped from my forehead. My calves were pounding with each step I took. My bare forearms, now crimson, glistened in the humidity as I gripped that lawnmower handle. Just another …