Deepali Patil

Deepali Patil began writing when she was 17. She wrote poems, mostly about Nature and some Prose too. Getting a degree in journalism was a dream, which never came true. Still being able to get a Masters degree in English Literature was a step in the right direction. After college she got married and then devoted 14 years of her life solely to her new family. Now that her little one is a first grader, she has ample time on her hands and is returning to the world of writing. She aspires to become an author of Children’s fiction.

Stories by Deepali Patil

The Canine Connection

Illustrated by Sherri Oliver

“Mommy when can we have a Doggie?” I have lost count of all the times my kiddos have asked me this question. Every time my heart says “yes very soon”, but my mind asks them to wait for the right time. I try to evade the question and change the course of our conversation to …